How to utilize stanchions to maximize crowd control and branding opportunities at your event.

Selecting the best belt stanchion is

6 Inch Webbing

Ideal for a bold impact for your queueing lines.  The 6in webbing of our crowd control stanchions offers huge opportunities for print applications.  Both Dye Sublimation and Silk Screen printing are available.Six Inch Stanchion


2 Inch Webbing

Two  inch webbing is the industry standard.  It is more economical than the six inch web but can still be an effective medium for print.

Two Inch Belt


2 Inch Dual Belts

Two Inch Dual Belts1

Belt printing


There are a variety of belt color options available for retractable belt stanchions.  Our most popular belts are custom printed with either silk screen art or Dye Sublimation.  Dye sub offers more variety in imagery as you can use as many color options as you want.