Portable stanchions with retractable belts are the most popular products used for line management. Setting up belt stanchions enables a site to identify its line space, and keep lines of patrons moving efficiently.

Stanchions (posts) can be set up where they are needed to create lines or to block off an area. Each stanchion features a retractable belt that will lock into another post. Upon release, retractable belts will fall to the floor and slowly retract into its original post.

Posts are made of steel and are approximately 3-feet high. They are available in a number of different base options, and a number of different finishes (including chrome, stainless steel, and brass) to choose from.

Belt lengths are usually 7.5 feet or 13 feet wide (meaning stanchions can be positioned that far apart from each other). Two-inch or 6-inch width belts are available. And there are single-belt or dual belt stanchion options.