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  • Drapes are hung on these horizontal rods
  • Drape supports enable you to adjust the distance between your uprights
  • Drape supports feature steel hook ends and hook into uprights

Standard Telescopic Drape Supports

  • Button lock drape support consisting of two pieces of anodized aluminum tubing that telescope (one piece inside the other), allowing for various distances between posts
  • The most common size adjusts between 6′ (fully closed) to 10′ (when fully extended, allowing for exhibit booths of 8′ x 8′, 8′ x 10′, or 10′ x 10′
  • Also available in 7′ – 12′, 8′ – 14′, and 9′ – 16′
Ref #
Drape Supports
UP-410 Standard Telescopic Drape Supports, 6′ to 10′
UP-411 Standard Telescopic Drape Supports, 7′ to 12′
UP-412 Standard Telescopic Drape Supports, 8′ to 14′
UP-413 Standard Telescopic Drape Supports, 9′ to 16′
UP-420 Replacement Ends for Standard Telescopic Drape Supports, large
UP-421 Replacement Ends for Standard Telescopic Drape Supports, small

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