Infinity Extrusion Wall System


The INFINITY™ is a wall mounted aluminum extrusion frame system. Featuring taut Dye Sublimated SEG Fabric Graphics. The Fabric Graphics utilize the SEG (Silicone Edged Graphics) finishing system. INFINITY™ provides a slimmer lighter wall mounting system that is barely visible. Many other extrusion frame systems are too heavy for wall mounted applications. With INFINTY™ the taut SEG graphics flow directly from edge to edge with only the smallest of finished aluminum frame exposed. Opportunities for repeat business through contracted change out programs can strengthen your company’s relationship while expanding your services! Corner Bracket Lateral Joint Hanging Bracket * *It is recommended that a hanging bracket be used every five feet for extrusion frames exceeding 10ft. For greater stability secure frames to wall using hanging brackets every five feet on sides and bottom. Extrusion What is SEG? SEG finishing involves sewing silicone strips around the perimeter of the graphic. The graphic edge inserts into the groove on the perimeter of the frame to create a taut, flat display with a neatly finished corner.


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