VBurst Curved Table Top Backlit


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VBurst Fabric Curved Pop-ups are now available with a backlighting kit! Convenience, functionality and good looks make VBurst the smart choice for events and
trade shows. Nothing highlights a message like the power of backlighting. Unlike the competition, the VBurst light kit is a simple, easy-to-use solution… no fussing with unruly or broken fabric light walls. Other systems are clunky and complicated, VBurst keeps it simple.

With the VBurst Backlit kit, simply hang the light bars, apply a separate fabric backwall cover and plug it in. The backwall velcro attaches to the side of the frame and the front fabric graphic endcaps attach to the backwall at the back hub. The result is a clean and professional looking system that is easy to set-up and easy to pack. The front fabric graphic with endcaps is printed with HD Dye Sublimation on backlit material.

When you need a backlit table top, want to highlight your marketing message or just want to bring your image to life through the power of light, look no further – Get a 2×2 Curved VBurst Backlit Fabric Pop-up!


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