Xpressions 223 Workstation


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The Xpressions® 223™ Workstation is both unique and functional. The Xpressions® Frame with folding black counter top and vertical monitor mount combine for a sturdy but portable workstation solution. Covered in Xpressions® fabric graphics, the counter and the vertical monitor mount carry your brand 360 degrees. This workstation doesn’t have a bad side! Easy access through the back of the skin allows for storage inside where you will find a small convenient shelf*. The Xpressions® 223™ Workstation goes with every other Xpressions® displays and works just as well with other types of exhibits. It looks complete when used on it’s own or in groups of workstations. Xpressions® 223™ Workstation is different. It’s functional and it’s familiar all at the same time. A reliable portable workstation from the display line that truly defies tradition.


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