Sales Success at your Trade Show Booth

The tradeshow is about to open and you’ll soon come face-to-face with potential customers. Here are some techniques for successfully selling your products, or presenting a positive impression of your company, at tradeshows.

Know Your Product
Be fully prepared to answer any and all questions about your product. A demonstration of expertise will impress potential customers, and they will find your ability to answer their questions reassuring.

Know The Customer
Try to get inside the customer’s head. Think about how your product or service might appeal to that particular customer. Showing empathy and understanding of the customer’s needs can create an emotional attachment between you and the customer. You can also recognize unconscious signals the customer may be sending out. For example, if someone is walking slowly past your booth while continuing to look, it could signal that they are weighing their options regarding your product. This is an ideal time time to approach them to ask if they have any questions.

Employ Persuasion
Your purpose is to sell your product, so use persuasive language to engage your potential customers, and draw them in to a conversation. Be persistent, but not to the point where you will be perceived as a nagging salesperson.

Be Conscious About Your Appearance
Appearance matters. Make sure your wardrobe is neat and clean. Dress as if you are giving a presentation – because that’s exactly what you’re doing. According to, clothing is a form of non-verbal communication, and employees who are dressed professionally convey trustworthiness.

Your knowledge, your persuasive skills, and your ability to gain insight into the mindset of the attendees at the tradeshow at which you are exhibiting will be key factors in your success.

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