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Choose Belt Length: 8.5 ft or 11 ft
Choose Belt Options: 42 colors / messages

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Queue Master Series – Black Finish Belt Stanchions

QueueMaster is fitted with the key safety features of belt lock and slow retract braking system and provides a functional, low cost solution for forming customer queues.

Available with a 11’ belt option reducing total purchase costs QueueMaster can be customized with our full range of belt and post colors.

Choosing Retractable Belt Barriers: A Primer

Portable posts (stanchions) with retractable belts are a proven solution for line management You see these systems at airports, retail establishments, major public facilities, and numerous other locations where patrons need to form a line.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when assessing the strengths and merits of various retractable belt stanchion brands.  Making the right choice could save you money (by minimizing the number of barriers you need) and ensure the safety of your site and patrons.

Post Quality and Size

A quality post will feature single-tube construction to prevent unsightly seams in the middle of the post.  Posts made of steel will ensure years of use, even in heavy-duty environments.  Because your floor space is valuable, you don’t want bulky posts taking up too much space.  Many brands of high-quality stanchions are only two inches in diameter, and you can also choose strong bases that don’t use excessive floor space.

Balance the post’s strength and durability with its weight – the lighter the post, the easier and quicker it will be to move it into the place you need it.  Since you want posts to attractively blend into your environment, look for models that offer you a choice of finishes, such as chrome, stainless steel, and brass.

Belt Options

For longest life-span, belts made of woven polyester will retain an attractive “new” look for a longer period of time. Standard belt widths are two-inches or six-inches (top-to-bottom).  Standard belt lengths (left-to-right) are 7.5 feet and 13 feet, although other lengths are available. Remember that the longer the belt, the fewer the number of necessary posts will be.

Some retractable belt barriers are available with two horizontal belts.  This feature provides extra security and helps keep children in line.  And some suppliers of retractable belt stanchions also offer the option of having belts printed with messages or advertisements.

 Belt Safety

Make sure that any retractable system is safe – you do not want any belt that retracts with an amount of force that could cause injury to anyone in its path.  A high-quality retractable belt system will feature a belt that will, upon release from a post, fall to the floor and then slowly and safely retract back into the post.  Ask about each model’s cassette unit – it should feature an anti-tamper belt locking system to prevent accidental release of the belt.  High quality retractable belt posts will have a retraction mechanism that will last for more than 250,000 cycles.


There are some additional retractable belt barrier options for settings that have different needs than typical indoor line-management applications.

Wall-mounted barriers are used in situations where a permanent but retractable barrier is needed without taking up any floor space.  Wall-mounted barriers can close off space between two walls, or between one wall and a post.

Outdoor posts, made of UPVC to withstand heavy weather conditions, are used when a line management system is needed outside, or to convey a strong visual impression about a no-access area.  They feature bases that can be filled with liquid, sand or other substances in order to provide extra weight and stability.


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