Two Inch Belt Stanchions

The popular retractable belt stanchion model used for line management in hotels, banks and airports, this stanchion features a single, 2-inch high, belt. Made of steel, these posts can be used both indoors and outdoors. A variety of styles and finishes are available.

Belt Stanchion Innovations!

Retractable belt breaking systems

Retractable belts are designed to keep tension on a belt between two stanchions.  If someone releases the connecting end of the stanchion and that tension is released, the belt can fly back with considerable force.  To avoid this situation, breaking systems were developed such as the one illustrated below built into Tensabarriers.

Stacking Stanchions

To help make your stanchion inventory more mobile and easier to store, you may find stacking stanchions beneficial.  These stanchions come with a slot that allows them to be stacked closer together than your traditional stanchions.

Roller Stanchions

Another great stanchion innovation are roller barriers. These barriers are easily transported by tilting them at an angle to wheel them from point A to point B.

Roller stanchions are ideal for temporary setup for exhibit hall lines or any place you need to setup a crowd control queue.





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