Pipe and Drape Booth Options

Black And Blue Single Booth.

If you are going to be exhibiting at a tradeshow or craft show, you will need to make a decision about the size and type of a booth you will buy. Companies that are organizing or hosting an exhibition will offer you the option to buy various types of pipe and drape booths. Depending on your budget, the nature of your display, and your marketing goals, you may choose to a small standard booth, or a larger, more elaborate display space.

These are the most common types of booths that will be offered by companies or organizations that sell floor space at a trade shows and exhibitions.

Standard Linear Booth
A standard linear booth (also known as an “In-Line” booth) is a typical 10-foot wide x 10- foot deep exhibit pipe and drape booth which will share a common back wall or sidewall (or both) with other similar booths. The “front” of the booth is open to the aisle. Generally, the back walls of Standard Linear booths are 8 feet in height.

Perimeter Booth
Perimeter booths are standard 10-foot x 10-foot booths which are located against a wall of an exhibit facility. Thus, because the back of the booth is not being shared with another exhibitor’s booth, the back wall can be higher, and back walls are typically 12-feet high for Perimeter booths.

Peninsula Booth
A Peninsula booth is open on three sides and shares a common wall with two other linear booths. These booths are 20-foot x 20-foot or larger. According to the Golf Industry Show website, Peninsula booths are comprised of a minimum of four standard unit booths, and are placed so that they face towards a cross aisle.

Split Island Booth
A Split Island booth is a Peninsula booth that shares a common back wall with another Peninsula booth. These booths can have a height of 16 feet.

Island Booth
An Island booth is exposed to aisles on all four sides and is sized at 20-foot x 20-foot or larger.

You may also be given options for the exact location of your booth. Consider where the highest traffic areas on the show floor are likely to be in order to maximize your visibility.

The amount of “floor space” you can buy and utilize at a trade show is dependent on your marketing budget, plus the availability of space the organizer chooses to offer to any given exhibitor. The maximum height of your exhibit depends on the type of booth you contract for.

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