Flame Retardancy in Trade Show Exhibits

As you set up your trade show exhibit, we want to be available to facilitate the process however we can. One of the most universally ambiguous issues users encounter when setting up a trade show exhibit is when they should use fire-retardant drapery. Industry standards aren’t widely known amongst users, and we want to help make it more evident for you what fire-retardant drapery is, and when it should be used.


               Fire-retardant (aka flame-retardant) drapery is defined by the National Fire Protection Association as fabric that been topically treated in an immersion process with a chemical fire retardant after the fabric has been woven. All cottons and other natural fibers certified as flame retardant are flame-retardant (FR) topically treated. Some synthetic fabrics are also topically treated. Because the treatment is topical, it will wear out in time, and repeated cleanings will cause the flame retardancy to dissolve sooner. Most flameproofing chemicals are water soluble and will also dissipate through dry cleaning. Draperies made from FR fabrics should be re-tested periodically for flame retardancy, as retreatment may be required. For this reason, “FR” flame retardancy is certified for only one year.

               Although there is a nationwide definition, there is, unfortunately, less widespread regulation enforcing what materials are fire retardant and which are not. There are, however, individual ways that users can ensure that the drapery they purchase is, indeed, flame-retardant. The best technique is to work closely with our team as you make your purchase. We will gladly help guide you in terms of whether or not we adhere to NFPA standards and our general flame-retardancy process. Another important tip is to consider where your trade show will take place, i.e. where you’ll be setting up the drapery. If the show is at a school, the district may have more information about fire-redardancy regulations. If the show is at a public venue, the venue might have more information about their specific regulations. The best tip for determining whether or not your drapery meets the flame-retardancy standards of your trade show circuit is to allow yourself plenty of time for research and correspondence with us as your provider and the venues.

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